Best Mexican Food in Lubbock, TX

Discover a sense of family here at Montelongo’s Mexican Restaurant!

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Best Mexican Food in Lubbock, TX

Our Passion

Montelongo’s Mexican Restaurant is much more than the home of the best Mexican food in Lubbock. We appreciate our customers more than they will ever know. It is their patronage that has allowed our business to grow from the small Mexican food take out service our Grandmother opened in Lubbock, TX over 40 years ago to the restaurant and catering service we offer you today.

Our Mission

We try to show our appreciation through everything we do, every single day. From our chefs who create the best Mexican food dishes to our friendly waiters, hosts and catering staff that serve it, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. After all, it is our local customers and their great referrals that let us keep doing what we love doing – serving up the best Mexican food in Lubbock!

Our Community

We take pride in the fact that we have been lucky enough to be part of the local Lubbock community. During the past four decades, we’ve not only served the best Mexican food to our customers…we’ve come to know them. This sense of family - ours and yours - is what makes Montelongo’s Mexican Restaurant so special.

Enjoy the Best Mexican Food at Our Annual Fiesta

We’re dedicated to the people of Lubbock. In fact, we throw ‘una fiesta’ every year on June 1st to celebrate the wonders of the best Mexican food in town with them. Our customers, and all of the neighborhood, are invited. We’ve served thousands and thousands of happy and hungry guests at these parties over the years.

Order the Best Mexican Food for Your Special Events!